Namaiki Zakari, Chapter 124

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🌟Summary of chapter 124


Flashback about Yuki and her grandmother, Yuki got hurt and hugged her grandmother.

Hakamada threw her on the bed, he poured water over his head, met Usami and went home.
The next morning, Usami told Yuki about last night, Usami thought Hakamada always looked at Yuki, he didn’t do anything with Yuki when they are in a room. It seems that Haka is a good person and Yuki should look at Haka for a bit.
Yuki brought money to thank Haka but he didn’t accept it and wanted to replace it with a date, Yuki was a bit shocked, but thinking about Usami and Naruse, she seems to agree.
The date, they did something like eating and watching movies, Yuki unconsciously just thinks about Naruse and Hakamada sees it.
At the end of the date, Hakamada pulled Yuki’s hand and was about to kiss her but he stopped, saying that all day she heard Naruse calling. Haka would confess until Yuki no longer heard that sound (Naruse’s voice).
Then Yuki refused Haka, she cried and said sorry, thank you for Haka always appeared when Yuki needed, help and comfort, protect Yuki. Yuki thought “Surely, I will love him forever”.
Looking at Yuki crying, Haka let go of her hand and kissed her head, with a sad smile, he used this expression ​said to comfort a child in pain
The last page is Hakamada calling Kira.

There’s a page about Naruse at home, he thinks about Yuki and Yuna, Yuki’s mom wants her to be happy, and Yuna’s mom …(bad). It looks like he’ll meet Yuna and give her the umbrella back

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